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The Ultimate Destination for Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka – Kalpitiya

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The Ultimate Destination for Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka – Kalpitiya

If you’re a kitesurfing adventurist and are wondering what your next destination should be, look no further than Kalpitiya, located in Puttalam District in the fabulous island of Sri Lanka.

As one of the top destinations for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, the gorgeous peninsula of Kalpitiya checks all boxes for the perfect kitesurfing holiday in paradise – it boasts stunning beauty, it has super winds and kitesurfing spots for all types of kitesurfers and it has excellent IKO certified training instructors, schools and equipment.

There is something for all skill levels of kitesurfing in Kalpitiya – beginners will enjoy learning how to kitesurf on the lovely flat water lagoons, while serious kiters can surf super wave riding spots in the Indian Ocean.

In addition, there are several sandbanks and tiny islands nearby, which make for exciting kitesurfing excursions. Another reason why Kalpitiya is ideal for kitesurfing is that this area is relatively uncrowded, and kiters can enjoy peaceful sessions among serene settings. To top it all off, Kalpitiya has amazing accommodation options such as Bar Reef Resort, plus it is located in close proximity to tons of incredible sights and sounds of Sri Lanka, ensuring your holiday here is complete.

Visit our Kitesurfing School for Lessons & Rentals

  • Best Kitesurfing periods is May to October.
  • Book a beginners or advanced course before your arrival.
  • Check on available gear from your Kitesurfing school.
  • One on one private lessons are possible.

Special packages for kitesurfers

All packages includes Accommodation & Transfers to flat water lagoon by car and boat


Beginner course (9 hours individual)
  • Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc. € 768
  • Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc. € 890
Beginner course (9 hours group)
  • Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc. € 678
  • Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc. € 799


Full kitesurfing equipment rent (7 days)
  • Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc. € 707
  • Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc. € 830