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Whale watching fun in Sri Lanka

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Whale watching fun in Sri Lanka

Famous as a holiday paradise, Sri Lanka has also become a very popular destination for whale watching during the past few years. The island has many professionally conducted whale watching tours on offer that are easy to book. Most beachside hotels organize tours as well.

If you are visiting during the months of December to April then you are in luck, as this is a good time for whale watching in Sri Lanka. Early morning excursions are the best before the sea becomes too choppy. Interestingly, Sri Lanka is situated within the International Whaling Commission’s protected zone in the Indian Ocean which is why it has become a great destination for whale sightings. Twenty six species of whales are found in the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean. Mirissa in the south and Kalpitiya more towards the west, stand out as two of the best locations within Sri Lanka for whale watching.

When deciding on your whale watching Sri Lanka tours, opt for a provider that has licensed boats and uses safety equipment that is approved by the Department of Wildlife. Experienced tour guides will know the exact spots for the best chance of sighting these majestic creatures of the ocean. Always be sure to wear the life jackets that are provided and to listen to the advice of the guide so as to ensure your safety and minimize harm to the environment. Refrain from doing anything that may be detrimental to the whales such as feeding them or dropping refuse into the ocean waters.

Another good tip would be to make sure you use plenty of sunscreen as protection even though most boats would have a canopy cover. Also, wear a pair of shades to protect your eyes from the glare and have a jacket or cover ready as it can get cold out on the open sea despite the sun. Some tour operators even provide a packed breakfast for you to enjoy out in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

While it is always good to experience the moment firsthand, be sure to have your camera ready so that you can capture memories of your whale watching experience in Sri Lanka. These will always remind you of the moment you saw the whales swim in playful freedom in the ocean and allow you to share these special moments with family and friends!