Cultural Triangle

For those who wish to explore the island’s ancient history, the many attractions of the Cultural Triangle, with its ruined cities, temples and statues, are within comfortable reach. About three hours away, it contains no less than four of the island’s seven World Heritage Sites.

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Wild Life Excursions

The Kalpitiya area is a treasure trove of marine, land and bird life including four types of dolphins, five types of whales, and the very rare and shy dugongs (only found in this part of Sri Lanka). The peninsula’s natural attractions consist of a bar reef which is home to the island’s most beautiful corals...

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Wilpattu National Park

Experience the wonders of a jungle safari at Wilpattu National Park – the largest and one of the oldest National parks in Sri Lanka.

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St Anne’s Church & Fisher Village

The 17th century St. Anne’s Church in Talawila, a mere seven kilometers away, is one of the island’s most renowned Catholic shrines. Legend has it that a Portuguese trader had a vision of St Anne while resting under a banyan tree and returned to build the church that now sprawls over the site.

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Lagoon Tour

Your boat ride will take you across the pristine waters of the Lagoon in Kalpitiya towards the sand dunes and Salt Pans in a distance. The little fishing villages and local community living on the border of the Lagoon and the stretch between the lagoon and the mighty ocean will let you see the hard work the locals put in to earn their livelihood from the locally available natural resources.

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Snorkeling at the Bar Reef

Snorkeling in Kalpitiya
The Bar Reef is one of the few pristine coral reefs that has the greatest biodiversity of any coral reef in the waters that surround Sri Lanka. It is a complex system of reefs that stretch parallel along the coast from the north end of the Kalpitiya peninsula all the way to the islands that separate Portugal Bay from the Gulf of Mannar.

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Anawilundawa Bird Sanctuary and Nawadankulama Tank

Anawilundawa is made up of nine tanks linked together to form a unique irrigation system. The six large tanks – Pinkattiya, Maradansola, Anawilundawa, Mayyawa, Surawila and Vellawali – and three smaller peripheral tanks, exist as a single system and are located close to Nalladarankattuwa.

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