This is certainly not camping…
life is like riding a bicycle to stay balanced you need to keep moving...

Cycling is joyful

The vibrant and unspoiled fishing town of Kalpitiya is the perfect area to get on a bicycle and explore at a leisurely pace. Situated in the remarkably untouched area of the Puttalam district, there is much to do and see here.

The Kalpitiya peninsula primarily consists of a close-knit fishing and farming community, which is a pleasure to explore at your pace. Explore the surroundings, see a different kind of lifestyle compared to the more modern, bustling cities of the island and garner insight into the traditional way of life of these simple, yet impressive communities.

How to go cycling in Alankuda?

Making it easier and more interesting to explore Sri Lanka, cycling tours by Dolphin Beach Resort offers bicycles free of charge to wander around freely and do your exploring of the area at your pace for an ultimate carefree and relaxing holiday. We will recommend you a route that you can use to venture around town, or else you may also take a member of our staff with you to get to know your way around. A snack and drink can be provided for you at your request. Ask for a mobile phone to take with you in case you have a flat tire or you need to communicate with Dolphin Beach Resort.

What to see while cycling in Alankuda?

Cycling in and around Kalpitiya is the easiest way to discover all the wonders that adorn this fishing and farming village. The town was once an important fortified trading port and has an interesting mix of historic buildings to explore, the remnants from its colonial past. Be sure to check out the ancient ruins of the Dutch Fort and Old Dutch Church in town and learn of the country’s colonial influence. Stop by the friendly fishermen and learn about their daily routines, and find out how they mend their nets and catch fish. Breeze past the gorgeous mangroves and take in their natural beauty while cycling in Kalpitiya. Enjoy the sight of palm-thatched roof huts in the fishing village and watch out for herds of wild asses that are common around Kalpitiya. The twists and turns of the roads will bring about an intensely pleasurable response to the scenic beauty, and add to the excitement of your cycling adventure in Kalpitiya.

Why go cycling in Alankuda?

Cycling is an enjoyable way to spend the day away from the usual ocean based activities that dolphin beach has to offer. It is an environmentally friendly and healthy means to explore the beach and the nearby town to see what ordinary life is for the locals here. It is also the most economical way of enjoying your holiday in the area, and lends you an excellent opportunity to stop whenever you feel like and take in your surroundings.