Kitesurfing & Wind Surfing

True courage is like a kite;
a contrary wind raises it higher

- John Petit-Senn

The Ultimate Destination for Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka – Alankuda Beach

If you are up for an adventure, Kalpitiya, windsurfing will be an ideal option for you. Kite in front of the resort where you will have the best wind and wave conditions from may to october. Why? because we have a reef four kilometers out that provides you with that awesome condition and experience. Bored with kiting in front of the resort then do a downwinder with our instructor to our flat water training area approximately 20kms away.

The gorgeous peninsula of Kalpitiya checks all the boxes for the perfect kitesurfing adventure in paradise. The very large puttalam lagoon offers flat water and 23 islands and borders sri lanka's largest wildlife park. Excellent IKO certified training instructors, schools and equipment are available. Kite safaris or a trip to vella island is not to be missed. If you’re a kitesurfing adventurist and are wondering what your next destination should be, look no further than Alankuda/Kalpitiya, located in the Puttalam District in the fabulous island of Sri Lanka. Peak season are in the months of june, july and august.

Alankuda Beach a kiters best kept secret!

From may to october the seas off alankuda beach provide ideal conditions to test your skill. Located in the dry zone of sri lanka where rain will hardly impede your holiday the near perfect weather conditions along the beautiful Kalpitiya coast with steady strong winds blowing, it tops the list for experienced Kitesurfer's.

With wind speeds between 17-26 knots Alankuda beach is a Kitesurfer's dream come true. For beginners, go to our flat water spot on the puttalam lagoon in kandukkuliya, Kalpitiya. It’s the ideal starting point for beginners with Kitesurfing instructors who will guide you through your very first moves and safety measures. Kalpitiya has turned into a little treasure for Kitesurfing enthusiasts across the world.

Visit our Kitesurfing School for Lessons & Rentals

Best Kitesurfing period is June to August.
Book a beginners or advanced course before your arrival.
Check on available gear from our Kitesurfing school.
One on one private lessons are possible.

Special packages for kitsurfers

All packages includes Accommodation at Bar Reef Resort & Transfers to flat water lagoon by car and boat


Beginner course (9 hours individual)
Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc.
€ 768
Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc.
€ 890
Beginner course (9 hours group)
Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc.
€ 678
Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc.
€ 799


Beginner course (9 hours group)
Accommodation(Bed) & Breakfast inc.
€ 707
Accommodation, Breakfast & Dinner inc.
€ 830