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Scuba diving in Kalpitiya


This dive site has various possibilities and lends itself to several different dives as it divides into two sections: Travelling North East, you will see various eagle rays, electric rays, marble rays, napoleon wrasse, grouper and an abundance of tropical fish including hard and soft corals. At the top of the rock which is 17.5mtrs is a sandy bottom at 23 meters, with deep crevasses made of sand stone throughout, it makes this site and interesting and varied dive.

Thalawila (St Anne’s) Reef

This reef area is very interesting and beautiful and it’s just 30 minutes away from our resort. There is a range of depths from 6 to 12m+, which makes it a great place for running courses or just exploring. There are lots of different corals, fishes and rays and being shallow you can enjoy a long and quite interesting dive.

Bulldog Reef

Bulldog Reef is a really fun dive, especially for those into the small, intriguing and colourful. At about 15 to 18 meters it’s a rather flat landscape with outcrops of beautiful corals and dense fish life.

Paraw Reef

As the name dictates, this site is generally full of Paraw (Jacks and Trevally’s). The sand stone rock creates an interesting layout with the largest rock seeming almost sculpture like. There are many other fish in this area like napoleon wrasse and grouper and anemone fish in anemones.

Little Gem

This is an interesting dive with patches of coral and rock, a good place for a beginner diver or macro photographer. Here you find a wide range of small fish and eels. Large schools of fish tend to pass through and if you’re lucky you will see the resident octopus and moray.

Snorkeling in Kalpitiya

Witness the best snorkelling in Sri Lanka with Dolphin Beach Resort, just half an hour by boat is a worthwhile experience if you do not want to endure the long journey to the Bar Reef. The reef offers a variety of corals, fish and if you are lucky rays too.